Our Breeding Facility And Our Pack

We are "professional breeder" which means we have made our passion, our profession. We can constantly monitor and take care of our puppies, dams, and sires. As professional breeders, it means we have to dedicate our time, energy, and love to our dogs. Another meaning...Read More

Dogo Argentino, The Argentine Guard

The Dogo Argentino * Strength * Courage * Docile with children * Excellent guide for the blind It was born in the distant lands of Argentina, at the beginning of the 2oth century. It's customary for big game hunters to pace the woods under hot torrents. The Dogo Argentino...Read More

Shar Pei, A Rugged But Gentle Dog

The Shar Pei * Playful * Tranquil * Adapts to family life * Particularity: always takes the hand of his master in his mouth as a sign of affection. The Shar Pei is a medium sized dog (44 to 51 cm at the withers), with a short, compact silhouette. It's "hippopotamus"...Read More

Our Story And Passion For Our Pets

We are just folks who love dogs and because of that, became canine breeders because of passion. Our breeds are Dogo Argentino and the Shar Pei. We chose them because such pedigrees are loyal pets. Our breeding facility is in the heart of fields and meadows....Read More