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Our Breeding Facility And Our Pack

We are “professional breeder" which means we have made our passion, our profession. We can constantly monitor and take care of our puppies, dams, and sires. As professional breeders, it means we have to dedicate our time, energy, and love to our dogs. Another meaning of the term is we have the administrative capability. We have also met all the legal requirements set by law for a certified breeder. This means that we respect the administrative and sanitary guidelines to be a breeder.

Our facility

We have arranged our parks so that all of our dogs are comfortable and close to us.

Kindergarten: This is the facility that is closest to us. The little ones are in the heart of the house. We design our living room to give them care, warmth, and comfort as well as to their mother.

The primary: This facility is designed to help the pups discover the world. The outdoor puppy park with plenty of games and hug is where their education starts.

The college: This is for the young or the big babies. They are taught to socialize through training and games.

The lycee: This is for the adolescents. Here they are taught how to behave well and other basic manners. This is done so that they will be good pets. And it will be easy for them to live with their families.

Other recreational areas: We have space for forest walks, cycling, and playing.

The little wolves

Our dams stay with us in a whelping box before the little ones arrive. They go to the house to live with us. This means we can give 100% of our attention to their well-being. Whelping is a magical moment; each birth is a marvel and joy. We nurture our puppies day and night since it is also the work of a breeder.

The training

They will live at home with us and our daughter until they are 30 days old. This way, they will discover television, vacuum and other sounds of a living house. It is at this point, that they begin to be a little more turbulent and asks to discover something else, so the outdoor puppy parks are
designed to let them glimpse the world and its wonders, this always accompanied by their mother in order to assure them the comfort. This will also help them avoid stress from the discovery of new sounds, smells, and other playmates.

We stimulate and relax our toddlers every day. We make them listen to various sounds to help them relax and better socialize. Our facility is in the countryside, so cars, trains or planes do not pass every day in front of the house.

The puppies will be with us in the house as often as possible allowing us to begin the education, socialization, and cleanliness from an early age. We do this with the help of the mother who will live with them until their departure. So after nine weeks living with us, they are already friendly, sociable, and wonderful pets to live with their future family.

For health reasons, all our sires do not live with us, only babies and their moms, as well as puppies, have access to the house.

All our sires have places to play such as parks ranging from 25 m² to 70 m² adapted to their lifestyles. We give our energy to bring them all the comfort and love that they need.

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Dogo Argentino, The Argentine Guard

The Dogo Argentino

* Strength
* Courage
* Docile with children
* Excellent guide for the blind

It was born in the distant lands of Argentina, at the beginning of the 2oth century. It"s customary for big game hunters to pace the woods under hot torrents. The Dogo Argentino is endowed with a surprising resistance. Also, its courage becomes mythical in the Sierra de Córdoba.

Stylish pet, robust, the Argentine dog receives a remarkable psychic and balance. It"s very vivid intelligence that makes it very easy to train.

The Argentinian mastiff is a very affectionate pet towards its masters and other family members. However, it is a good deterrent against intruders.

However, considering its power and strong character, this dog is not suitable as a pet for everybody and requires an excellent handler.


This breed is an excellent watchdog. Courage, balance, and intelligence are the qualities that predominate in the Argentine mastiff. Selected to defend the farms by fighting the big Argentinian game (pumas, wild boars), it takes from its ascendant, the dog of pelea cordobes, the indomitable courage. From the bulldog, the bull terrier and the mastiff of the Pyrenees, the Argentinian mastiff inherits a remarkable psychic equilibrium and a very lively intelligence.

It cohabits pleasantly with the horse, the cow, and all the domestic animals. It only rages with wild animals.

The Argentine mastiff is a very affectionate dog towards his master and other members of the family. He is friendly with the family member. However, make no mistake because it knows how to shake with a simple glance a stranger who approaches. Nevertheless, considering his strength and his firmness of character, he demands an excellent training to bring out its full potential.

The Argentinian Mastiffs have the bad mania of not being able to cohabit with another male congener: Do not hesitate to take advice from us


The original name is Dogo Argentino. The creator of the breed is Antonio Nores Martinez. His main motivation in the modeling of the Argentine mastiff in 1928 was to bring together the qualities of Perro de Pelea, a famous fighting dog breed in Córdoba, improving physical size and strength.

This dog had to have qualities to defend the villages from different attacks of boar and puma (with two or in pack)

The selection work begins with a male spotted bulldog, itself derived from a perle de pelea (boxer + mast) and a Boston terrier. It is then crossed with a female purebred bull terrier.

After a selection over eight generations, the most beautiful male is crossed with a pure female Pyrenees. It is only in the 12th generation that “Toño" obtains a range of six mastiffs considered of pure race. The Centrale Canine d"Argentine recognized the breed in 1964.

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Shar Pei, A Rugged But Gentle Dog

The Shar Pei

* Playful
* Tranquil
* Adapts to family life
* Particularity: always takes the hand of his master in his mouth as a sign of affection.

The Shar Pei is a medium sized dog (44 to 51 cm at the withers), with a short, compact silhouette. It"s “hippopotamus" head, with its fleshy chamfer, is pleated with sunken eyes and small ears situated high above the skull.

Its body, also pleated, plunges slightly forward. It has solid colors, except white. Common colors are black and its derivatives (brown, blue), fawn and its derivatives (sand, ivory).


With his kindness and gentleness, he shows himself sociable with people and especially with children. It makes us forget that he is an excellent guardian. The Shar-pei is incredibly intelligent and is an outstanding watchdog. He has a very developed sense of ownership, be it the house, the car or his master, he defends his entourage and very sociable with the other canine breeds.

They know how to make themselves appreciated by their loyalty to their family. The Shar Pei is so loyal that it will let itself die if its master abandons it. He is sensitive to reprimands especially when he believes he does not deserve it; he can sulk for a while. During a first encounter, it is rare for the dog to let the newcomer pet him. The lifespan of Shar Pei is around 12 years.


  • This breed has skin problems: FALSE. Skin problems with Shar Pei are not more than other breeds.
  • Dirt and bacteria accumulate between the folds: FALSE. No scientific document proves this myth.
  • More folds means higher price: FALSE unless the seller takes advantage of the naivety of the buyer


This breed has Chinese origins. The breed is over 2000 years old. They were able to excavate ancient statuettes of Shar Pei that dates back to the Han period (about 200 BC to 200 AD).

“Shar-Pei" in Chinese means “skin of sand," which seems to correspond to the characteristic of the texture of the coat: dry and hard, almost urticating.

The Shar Pei has never been a luxury pet but rather a rustic dog. The peasant class used this dog for guarding and hunting. It is suitable for dog fights because of its physical fitness and characteristic. The dog got its previous name the “Chinese fighting dog" because of that practice. Indeed, dog fighting was a form of entertainment that is popular in ancient China, as well as in the countryside and the working-class districts of provincial cities.

It was at this time that breeders selected certain peculiarities of the breed such as ample skin, eyes sunk in the folds of the face, curved fangs to give more defenses to these dogs during the fight. They were drugged and watered with wine to provide them with the aggressiveness that they naturally don"t have.

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Our Story And Passion For Our Pets

We are just folks who love dogs and because of that, became canine breeders because of passion. Our breeds are Dogo Argentino and the Shar Pei. We chose them because such pedigrees are loyal pets. Our breeding facility is in the heart of fields and meadows. Through this website, we will be able to share my passion.


We always love these two breeds, and it is quite natural that we began to raise them with passion. It all started with a gift that I wanted to give to my companion in 2007; he has been dreaming of having an  Argentine Mastiff puppy. Shortly afterward he offered me, in turn, my puppy  Shar Pei. We studied a lot so that we can properly raise our pets and give them the love that we could give them. We provided such love so that they will grow as well-balanced and socialized puppies. On our breeding program, we work to assure the physical and emotional well being of all our Shar Pei and Doge Argentino.

Character of our dogs

In the process, we learned to know the character of the Dogo Argentino. That breed has strength and courage. It is a guardian and a spontaneous defender. My companion knows the Shar Pei. They are playful and calm by nature. Such character is perfectly suitable for a young family. Our website theme represents the very essence of these two states of mind. Such characteristics should not be in the state of duality but should rather complimentary, as Oriental thought so well describes. You can see such perspective in all aspects of life.

Our philosophy

This philosophy is what forges, our breeding, our pets, our environment and our life. This should be applied for dogs to achieve a well-balanced health. We are located in a very natural environment, surrounded by our animals and their affection. We are involved in an environmental commitment and respect for nature and the environment. Respect is our watchword for having balanced dogs and puppies with healthy bodies and spirits. If you are considering acquiring this type of dog, contact us, and we will advise you, guide you, and follow you in your approach.

As a breeder, we devote our time to our dogs so we can surround them with care and attention. This job demands patience, professionalism, and passion for animals. We only provide puppies that guarantee the best the health and genetics. All our dams and sires are available for a visit; you can even see the grandparents of your future little pets.

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